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    "As a 40 year practicing chiropractic physician, I
     have found the Skyrest to be invaluable on long
     flights.I would seriously recommend its use for
    support of the cervical and thoracic spines for
    frequent flyer patients. What a relief to be able to
    sleep in-flight and not have a stiff neck on arrival.

    William Risley, D.C."

    "Thanks for your great pillows! I have never been
    able to sleep on a plane. Your pillow provided me
    with six hours of restful sleep on our flight from
    Beijing to Vancouver. It was fantastic!

    Thanks, Parker"

    "The pillow is a wonderful  idea. My husband got
    a good night's sleep on the way to Scottland and I
    am looking forward to getting some sleep next time
    I take an overnight trip.

    Thank you,


    "I recently purchased your pillow and used it on a
    trip to Singapore where I had the joy of being in
    coach for all 18+ hours of flight time each way.
    (This product is)better than *anything* I have ever
    tried before.

    Thank you for your time and a nice product that
    allowed my travels to be far more pleasant than they
    could have been.


    restuP tm

    "This is the best designed pillow for preventing acid
    reflux that I have found, and I have tried many.  It's
    design keeps me from rolling off sideways, and
    therefore keeps me elevated and eliminates acid
    reflux incidents.  I highly recommend this pillow
    to anyone who needs to keep their upper body 

    Marvin Lampert"

    "I'm thrilled with this pillow because it has
    solved two major problems:

    1) my sore back
    2) it completely cured my loud snoring (honest!)

    I had this bad back problem for about a year. 
    I was fine during the day, but whenever went
    to bed, after sleeping about four hours, painful
    inflammation would develop in my lower back. 
    The pain would wake me up.  I was unable to get
    a full night's sleep for almost a year.  I was a wreck. 
    I had to take Advil in the middle of the night to
    ease the inflammation.  But the Advil took over an
    hour to take effect, and I would still wake up in the
    morning sill feeling very stiff and sore.  I spent
    over $2,000 on a new mattress.  It did nothing.  After
    running several tests, my doctor finally diagnosed
    me with Ankylosing Spondylitis (a form of chronic
    inflammation of the spine and the sacroiliac joints). 
    He basically told me that this disease has no cure
    and I would need to take the Advil for the rest of my
    life.  I'm only 37!  One night, unable to sleep because
    of the pain, I went downstairs to the living room and
    fell asleep in the recliner.  When I woke up the next
    morning there was no pain or stiffness.  None!  The
    next night I spent the entire night on the recliner, and
    for the first time in about a year, I slept through the
    night, woke up well rested, and had no stiffness and
    no pain. 

    Using the restuP pillow, with a regular pillow under 
    my knees, simulates the position I'd get from my
    recliner. I get the exact same results, and I can
    sleep in my bedroom.  I take this thing on
    vacation with me.  I can't live without it.

    As an interesting side benefit, my wife is
    pleased to report that I don't snore anymore!

    I bought a second one for my wife.  But she
    merely uses it to prop her up to watch TV in bed.

    Joe Nigro"

    "I am so happy, that I found an advertisement
    for the Restup tm Wedge Pillow in a magazine
    on one of my flights. I am suffering from acid
    reflux disease. My doctor told me to sleep with
    my upper body elevated during the night. So
    I tried lots of pillows, but it did not work. I either
    lay them flat or slided down. So I said to myself:
    "Give this one a try." And I am so happy,
    I did! I even could skip one of my medications for
    acid reflux disease I had to take before bedtime.
    I really can recommend this pillow!

    Thank you!


    DAC Innovations Inc.
    PO Box 9947
    San Jose, CA 95157
    Phone: 1-800-572-1380


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