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    Frequently Asked Questions 
    SkyRest tm FAQs 
    •  What is the weight of SkyRest?
    SkyRest weighs only one pound
    • How big is it when inflated?
    It is 14" wide, 13" deep and 17" high in the back. 
    It slopes down to 12" high in the front.
    • How big is it when deflated?
    When packaged at the factory it is folded into a
    block about 6"x9"x3" but you can fold it any way
    you want to to fit it in your carry on luggage.
    • Is it washable?
    You can wash your SkyRest by hand or just sponge it off.
    • When is the best time to inflate SkyRest?
    It's best to wait until you get to cruising altitude, otherwise
    the pillow may grow in size.
    • What is the best way to inflate SkyRest?
    Please see the picture and description to the right for the best
    method of inflation. If you follow this method you can minimize 
    the amount of huffing and puffing you have to do.

    RestuP tm FAQs  
    • What are the inflated dimensions of RestuP tm?
      Width:30", Height:15.5", and Length:32" Note: This is fully inflated. All dimensions shrink as the air pressure goes down. The variation is about + - 1" within the usable range. The length is such that a man over 6 feet tall can lay with his entire torso on the pillow. A shorter person will recline at the same angle but their head will not go up as high.

    • How do I inflate it?
      RestuP tm is easy to inflate using a standard hand held hairdryer on it's coolest setting. Once you have inflated it most of the way with the hair dryer, you can firm it up by mouth.

    • What are the folded dimensions?
      W:9" H:3" L:11" Note: This is how it comes from the factory but it can be folded any way you'd like. It will take up about as much room as a jacket in a suitcase.

    • What is the weight?
      3 pounds 3 ounces.

    • What is it made of?
      PVC with a soft flannel like coating. It can be washed in a regular washing machine in cold or warm water. It's designed to be used with a standard bedroom pillow so that you can use your favorite pillow.

    DAC Innovations Inc.
    PO Box 9947
    San Jose, CA 95157
    Phone: 1-800-572-1380


    When inflating, start with the inflation valve removed(un-screwed). Pull out the corners as shown. It is now ~80% filled with air. Without changing the shape, insert and screw in the inflation valve and complete inflation by mouth.

    Now that you have your SkyRest®, you will need some great luggage to carry it in. We recommend the great selection from Britto luggage.